The Stranger

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    The Stranger UPDATED 27/7/08 - CH 3 UP


    Hoobajoo here. Attached is a novel I am working as a hobby writer. I've rediscovered the love of writing after posting several stories at and I'm now venturing into the world of proper writing, not just Dawn of the Dead and Aliens fanfiction.

    I am very much aiming for this to be a proper novel with a word count of about 200,000. Below is a blurb. Chapters will follow regularly, hopefully at the rate of about one per week. I'm a busy accountant with a wife and kids, so it's a little difficult to find the time.

    I would very much appreciate any feedback anyone may have for me. Whatever criticisms you have can only serve to help me. Thanks for reading.




    A Stranger awakes with no memory or identity, brought into the world by a storm the likes of which the world has never been seen. He is plagued by horrific dreams he cannot make sense of as he finds his way in the world, becoming a hardened soldier after enduring a harsh and violent stay in prison.

    A priest is privy to the word of the gods and they tell him this man must be killed. A tear in the fabric of the world has opened a way for hellish demons to rape, pillage and destroy and the Stranger is the key to Hell's victory.

    Or so they say...

    The search is underway to find him, but he is the Stranger. He is hard to find.

    On the run he pieces together some of his dreams and he uncovers a shocking secret that lays bare who he is and how his existence is linked to the very birth of the world...

    AUTHOR'S NOTE: A small warning about the content of this story. It is intended to be very dark and graphic and I would not recommend for children. This is dark fantasy.

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