The Story of the Little Tree (Fantasy-Shortstory for children)

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    The tiny little tree in the wood was very cheerful for it was a beautiful little tree. A lot of animals lived in its branches and a wide stream was flowing along it. It was glad that it stood at the border of a large woodland. In automn its little leaves were out of pure gold and did not fall off. Its little trunk was shimmering silvery. In spring great yellow blossoms unfolded which were shining far off.

    But one shadow dimmed the happiness of the little tree. Bad people came and were clearing the beautiful large woodland. When the men saw the little tree they wanted to cut it by all means, for its golden little leaves could be easily turned into cash and the silvery little trunk would deliver the best timber. But the animals wanted to prevent the little tree from being cut down. They all felt well and homy in its branches. All of them wanted to throng together and fight against the men. Not only the animals, but also the elves living in its crown, did not want to lose their ancestral seat and joined the animals. In men's view, the elves had mysterious and fearsome weapons. They were glad that the men were so afraid of them and the men would have been happy to get an elf for finding out elfish secrets.

    The men already approached the little tree and and wanted to start sawing as a flight of birds raised out of its branches noisily and circled deeply over their heads. They panicked and they left the little tree for the time being. But now the men got used to the birds and wanted again to lay hands on the little tree. The elves bent their singing bows and let fly their arrows down on the men. Again, the men left the little tree in peace but now they knew that they had not to cope with animals, only. But the elves knew that those men would return and they would not aim only at the little tree. They intended to capture elves and to cut down the little tree.

    How could be proceeded now to protect life?
    That was certainly not so easy. The elves could not surprise the men perpetually, especially since the men knew that they had to deal with elves. It was no solution in the long run. Probably it was better to form an alliance with other beings to defend the home of the elves. For it was known to the elves that there existed also good and kind people who lived in harmony with nature. An alliance with that people was the very last possibility for the inhabitants of the little tree to gain the victory. The elves sent out one of theirs. The adventures, the sent elf went through, would have been another story.

    At all events, he reached the kingdom of man, who lived in stifling, high buildings. But how to choose the right men? Who was good and who was bad? The elf observed anxiously the impressive scenery of a demonstration for the protection of nature. That could be the right men! They met on the street and fought against the dying of the woods. It was questionabel if this social gathering would be able to rescue the wood. The men were very astonished when they caught sight of the elf. What did that being want of them?

    "I request your help", spoke the elf. "Bad people intend to destroy our residence." And the elf told the story to the men and what had happened so far. With pleasure the men were willing to help the elves.
    "We want to try it with a petition", said one of their leaders.
    But how could the little tree live on with the help of a piece of paper?
    It was worth an attempt. The petition was submitted by the men. In the meantime, the elves in the wood were still fighting for their home. Because of "environment" was now "capitalised" by the human government, the petition was confirmed. The cutting of the little tree was forbidden, and with thus the little tree was saved.

    But this message had primarily to reach the bad people in the wood. With thus they would disagree at all. In any case, the good people accompanied the elf to the wood. When the men saw the little tree with its silvery and golden brilliance, they were very amazed and delighted. The elves invited the men to the crown of the tree to visit their residence. After the men had seen all this, they were speechless.
    This little tree should be cut be wood-cutters?!?
    It was incredible what outrages men were ready to commit!
    And those creatures, those elves?! - Disturbing their peace was monstrous!

    The wood-cutters returned. Now the good people faced them and showed the confirmed petition. But the bad people were only laughing about it. It happened that a ring was formed around the tree and the wood-cutters advanced with massive violence. After a desperate fight, the wood-cutters said that they were not interested in the little tree anymore, but in an elf. The elves deliberated about whom of them should go, for the sake of the little tree. One elf was chosen. He climbed down the tree and surrendered to the men. Now the wood-cutters went off with the elf to their satisfaction. The elf, who went with them, died under the torture of men.

    But the peace around the little tree came back. The little tree was decorated and elves and men celebrated together happily and satisfied.
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