The spell part 1

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    There is another story to be told
    About a Queen that was turned to gold
    A evil person decided to cast this spell
    To undo it is something he refused to tell

    So the King condemned him from the land
    Death by hanging was his demand
    So he got his wish at the end of the day
    As he died so did the cure to the spell some say

    For he/she that shall cast thee spell
    Can only undo it, yet the guilty party currently rests in hell
    The beautiful Queen was picking flowers
    Near the wishing well to pass some hours

    The castle has a garden, forest and a secret river
    A message she was waiting for someone to deliver
    What it was supposed to say the world may never know
    As the King continues to cry, because he will never let her go

    Why did this man do this to my wife?
    The King cried out, she was everything to my life
    He had no enemies for he longed for a life of peace
    The kind of guy who had the cake but still offered his people a piece

    Defended his land when needed to
    Forever loyal, caring and true
    He met his wife when he was just a soldier
    Riding a horse and a bow that rested on his right shoulder

    His father was a king but his was no ordinary man
    Not the typical prince who was a coward and ran
    So why did this have to be?
    He investigated endlessly

    As he tried to find someone who can undo this spell
    The results were not looking well
    She stood still and lifeless covered in gold
    Then out of no where a man arrived at the castle truth be told

    A wizard from another land
    Spoke with a accent few could understand
    Surprisingly the King knew him well
    He once brought him a lap top computer that was a dell

    Though the King wasn't sure if he could do anything
    For the wizard was known for time traveling to discover everything.........