The sounds from the mountain top

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I see the many faces
    As I travel to many places
    They come and they go
    For how I view them they will never know

    Alone in my cave
    I see a world we no longer can save
    People are selfish, impatient and rude
    All I notice on TV is another killing and another feud

    The sun may be shinning above a cloud
    Yet all I see is darkness because peace is never allowed
    Where is the love and care?
    That should be there

    Many live surrounded by their own inner walls
    In their own prison filled with empty halls
    You hear noise and sound everywhere, but all I hear is silence
    In this society everything is masked by the deafening sound of violence

    I have came to many conclusions in my many seclusion's
    That are mixed with theory and several delusions
    Which makes me almost unreachable on a emotion level
    Due to the many who demand perfection just like the devil

    So go live your life in your ordinary pathetic society
    As I live in my own fantasy land with such creativity and variety
    I see what you don't see and I hear what you refuse to hear
    Which is why at my best or worst most are never near