The Red Knight by Miles Cameron

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    I will honestly admit I've not finished this book - in fact I'm still in the early chapters, but its a book that I think many here might like the overall style and content of.

    This is a book written by someone who has done some homework on the medieval period and on combat and one gets a similar feeling to it as when reading the popular Game of Thrones book - that sense of realism that isn't based upon a DnD adventure. That same just real feeling grittyness to the actions and events that make the scenes feel that bit more alive.

    Although this world is a might bit less grim and dark its got its fair share of creatures and beasties out to cause trouble.

    In addition this book approaches the story telling as a world view event, you see through the eyes of a different character in each chapter (chapters being the term I use to describe the viewpoint shifts which are clearly noted). Some are very short, a snippet here and there of an event or revelation before you're back to the main cast. I've no idea as yet if these snippets are just the taster for more development of those characters or if the author is quite fine with presenting characters who, whilst influential, might not hold a strong part of the long term narrative.

    Its out on ebooks (kindle) and also in hard and paper back and I'd honestly recommend it as being worth to read (it might just tide you over as you wait for the wolves and winter ;)).