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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I'm like a soldier returning from war
    Not knowing what is behind each door
    As the memories of the past
    Still seem to last

    Tragic things occurred, I try to forget
    Things I have done and I regret
    The wounds have not healed and I don't know what to do
    As my mind, body and soul are damaged black and blue

    For years I have traveled to find peace from with in
    Yet I have been fighting a war for 18 years, not sure when it did begin
    I have helped many people and maybe saved some lives along the way
    Sadly few have helped me and not many have wished to stay

    I can't fix myself as I know this well
    Looking back I have done everything I could, yet I am still condemned to hell
    To be doing the same thing for so long
    Having to live a certain way to be safe and strong

    Perhaps I have forgotten what it is like to be calm and ok
    Since it feels like I have never been like that, I would love to be that way
    The odds can be against me and I will always pull through
    It is what I am trained to do

    I have marched in the mud and through the rain
    Fought many wars and battles in agony and in pain
    It's been eight years since I have been fully home
    As my mind has traveled every avenue from California to Rome

    To rebuild what has been destroyed takes time
    As I have saved every nickel and every dime
    Can I be one day recovered from what I have been through?
    I can't do it alone so I need someone for once in my life to stay true

    I think it's the right moment to start this recovery today
    Put the defence, weapons and all the bullets away
    Finally take off this boulder that has been on my back
    For the era has come that I am no longer to defend and attack
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    Nice to see you're back. Haven't seen you in a while :) Hope you've been good.