The Realm of Vala

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    Vala is a fantasy world of my design, possibly the nucleus for a PbP Forum.

    Vala has 5 continents:

    Harayana – The biggest continent, situated in the center of Vala.

    Ashamid – The second- biggest continent, found to the southeast of Harayana.

    Verbia - The third biggest continent in Vala, situated to the west of Harayana.

    Corus – A small and hostile continent, found in the Far East corner of the world.

    Teryn - The White/Snow Continent barely has any life on it. It is located north of Harayana.

    As far as races go, the main races in the world of Vala are:

    The Dwarves

    The Elves

    The Humans

    The Goblins

    The Vilae

    Currently, I am concentrating mainly on the continent of Harayana, but here is a basic overview of the 5 continents:

    (As I am working mainly on the human race for now, all these descriptions are from that race’s perspective)

    Harayana is the biggest continent in Vala. It contains the predominant human population, sheltering the 10 Northern tribes, and the Urizen Union.

    Ashamid is the second- biggest continent in Vala. Its humans are the various tribes of the Rummeyan people (Desert people), with the Kingdom of Rael and the Kingdom of Eprerrocaea being the two biggest nations.

    Verbia is the third biggest continent in Vala. It has the second- biggest human population, consisting of the United Kingdom of Atridia, the Kingdom of Theonia and the Kingdom of Viryn.

    Corus barely has any humans, due to the Goblin Wars, which saw the destruction of the Vrosha, Aila, Kreatis, and Zolathia Kingdoms. Today the only human tribe there is the nomadic Takuterra tribe.

    Teryn (The White/Snow Continent) barely has any life on it. The only known human tribe is that of the… (Still looking for a name.:confused:)

    The Five Predominant Races are designated as such, due to their high population number. There are, however, other races, sophisticated enough to have developed their own civilized societies, but scares enough to have failed to make the Top-5 list. These are:

    1. The Giant Races

    a. The Giants

    b. The Trolls

    c. The Ogres

    d. The Leshii

    2. The Races, similar to the Goblins

    a. Kobolds

    b. Bugbears

    c. Hobgoblins

    3. Races, similar to the Elves

    a. The Trow

    4. Other Races

    a. The Fauns

    b. The Skin-walkers

    c. The Undines
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    I really like a lot of these concepts! I think that if you flesh them out more and give more details on some of the races, this would be a very well-developed world.