The Real Burden...

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    The battle that raged is now o'er,
    Overnight, so many souls learned to soar,
    Both sides have gather their wounded, buried the dead,
    A lone man towards the center, palms on his face and head...

    Bare feet over virgin snow, flakes to soak up the blood,
    But nothing could ever hold back the unseen flood,
    In the hearts and minds of those who fought,
    That which is not pierced by steel is still wrought...

    Wounds of a soldier, covered by skin and bone,
    He can think of nothing but coming home,
    How far away it seems now, how long ago,
    He knows things now that he wish he did not know...

    Knowledge, a raven picking at his exposed heart,
    The experience, a tape on repeat, slowly tears him apart,
    The curse of doing what is right,
    The cost of surviving the fight...