The Psychic Investigation and Study Team

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    My latest novel is on Amazon. It's a supernatural fiction/contemporary fantasy about ghosts, shapeshifters and a psychic investigation team who works to investigate and combat paranormal phenomena. There's also a dark and worrying secret in the Church.

    Christine is a lesbian woman who forms the Psychic Investigation and Study Team. Her friend Sophie is a GP.

    Andrew is a man suffering from the breakup of his marriage and also his dawning awareness that he is a shapeshifter who turns into a crow. He finds a support group for shapeshifters and learns about a split in the community.

    Emily is a newly ordained vicar in the Church of England, who discovers a dark secret behind all denominations of Christianity.

    Their lives are brought together as they all seek to understand and combat the growing epidemic of ghost activities in the English town of Bedford.

    The Psychic Investigation and Study Team by Kim McLelland is now available on Amazon