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    Name: Canurim Lupinatum
    Age: 20
    Race: Animagus wolf
    Gender: Unknown
    Element: Earth

    Appearence: In human form a cloaked and shadowed mysterious figure. Changes at will into the body of a wolf, with black fur and a dangerous temper. Has blue eyes either way.

    Bio: Abandoned to the wildreness as a danger to own people. Uncertain past which character is resenting to show. Has a quick temper, and is very wary of strangers.

    Occupation: Wanderer, only ever viewed in human form.

    Abilities: Skilled in the art of living off the land; natural survival. In human form can weild a dagger that is sheathed in her belt very well. Also carries a staff on occasion. In wolf form, can be very dangerous and has both the ability to maul with teeth or with claws. Is not particurlarly bloodthirsty, but is very temprementsl of others. Also has the unusual ability to sing very well, but this often makes the character morph into the wolf form, by which point the singing evolves into howling.

    Past: Only that this character was abandoned by it's own people.