The New Recruit

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    The door to the small room opened on well-oiled hinges. A large man led a diminutive figure into the room. Sitting at a large oak desk in the back of the room was a cloaked form. The hood was lowered just enough so that only the mouth was visible. A slight wave from the seated form stopped the pair.
    “State your business Shemill, I do not recognize this Halfling with you.”
    Shemill, was a stout man, almost portly with large shoulders and long arms. A glint of chain mail peaked out from the folds of his dark brown cloak. His hair was cut to the skin in a military fashion and a close cropped black beard framed the bottom of his face. He put a calming hand on the small figure before speaking. “I would not expect you to recognize him Milady as he is not one of ours…yet.”
    The robed figure seemed to consider this before continuing.“I see. Does this Halfling have a name?”Shemill glanced down to his companion and gave a slight nod.
    “I do have a name.” The Halfling began. “However, I seldom give it to strangers…..Milady.”
    The seated figure leaned forward and folded her hands before speaking. “Normally I would appreciate such discretion however; Shemill has brought you to me since you have expressed an interest in our organisation. Do not act so surprised Shemill, you know word travels quickly to my ears. Now, perhaps you would feel better about sharing your name with a friend of Shemill? Shemill, are we not friends?”
    The large man gave a small smile before answering. “I am honoured to count myself as one of your friends Milady, yes.”
    “You see? We have a mutual friend. Now please tell me your name.”
    The Halfling gave a slight bow before speaking. “Bendeg Burrowell, at your service.”
    The Woman gave a soft chuckle. “At my service? Well that remains to be seen. Shemill, please tell me why you have chosen to sponsor Mr. Burrowell.”
    “Milady, I have come to know Bendeg through my work on the streets. Not long ago, as I am sure you are aware there was an attempt on my life. Four members of the local shadow thieves’ guild ambushed me as I left my room. I was able to take down two when I started to tire. Bendeg came from the shadows to lend his swords and we were able to dispatch the rest. I have no doubt, had he not arrived, the remaining two would have taken my life.”
    The Woman thought about this for a moment before she continued. “And you Bendeg, what drove you to assist our Shemill, for which I might add, we are eternally grateful.”
    The Halfling stepped forward. He wore tight fitting studded leather armour. Two short swords were hanging, one on each hip and a strip of daggers slung across his front. He had a shock of sandy brown hair on his head with thick side burns running down then forward to his chin. His nose had been broken several times it seemed and his face had several prominent scars, including a long white streak that nipped off the bottom lobe of his left ear continuing under his cheekbone ending just below his left nostril. His green eyes seemed to twinkle with mirth before he answered. “Well Milady, I felt the match was unfair. If I were to bet on the outcome at that time there would be only one result. Lady Tymora would not allow for such odds.”
    The mouth within the hood smiled before speaking. “So we have Tymora to thank for your intervention. No matter, the fact remains that you assisted a Harper agent in a time of need. This, based on the testimony of Shemill, is enough to grant you a trial period. This will enable us to discern your sincerity and ability set against the standards of the Harpers. Shemill has sponsored you and it is fit that he should assess you in the field. You will be working with him and those in his care until the trial period is at an end at which point your fate within our organisation will be decided. Within this city of Athkatla the Harpers have needed to expand the amount of bases as well as range of members. This is one small safe house out of many. Recently we have employed more Fighters and fortunately for you, those skilled in the art of thievery have become a necessity.”
    Shemill immediately grabbed the Halfling by his shoulders and whispered urgently in his ear before speaking. “Forgive us Milady but Bendeg is a warrior and takes great offence at being called differently. He has worked hard to protect his people the ‘Hin’ from such prejudice.”
    The hooded figure sat back for a moment before speaking. “It appears I owe you an apology Bendeg Burrowell. My estimation was not based on appearance but from a feeling. I have been wrong on this before and it appears I have been mistaken once again.”
    Bendeg gave a slight nod and seemed to relax slightly.
    “Shemill and Bendeg.” The Woman continued. “I wish you both successes in your coming missions. Shemill you know what tasks are still outstanding in the city. Nothing has changed in this regard except the fact that you now have an additional sword. I will expect a full report upon completion of the most pressing matter. I say this in front of you Bendeg as you will be present during Shemill’s review of your exploits and my full evaluation thereafter. This one mission may be enough for full status or you may require many more, only time will tell. Now, my warriors, is there anything else I might assist you with?”
    Shemill gave a look to Bendeg before answering for both of them. “Milady, there is nothing else. As always it is an honour to serve.”
    The two men began to make their way out of the room before the Lady spoke again. “Bendeg, may Tymora guide your swords.” The Halfling gave a half turn and a wink before closing the door