The New Breed...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    Reclaimers of thrones, reapers of new,
    We rise tonight, rise through You,
    This world that would keep us crawling,
    Reject a world that insists on falling...

    Inject lifeblood into our blackened vein,
    White like wool, purified in the pain,
    Tempered by the way of iron in the flame,
    Weapons in hand, we are those who reclaim...

    The new breed, hanging between angels and man,
    A different archetype, we grip onto His strong hand,
    Mutineers, feed the usurper to his beast,
    We hunger for retribution, this is a feast...

    A fiery dawn approaches, a hail of fury to sink an empire of lies,
    Our light starts to shine as the heat of the sun finally dies,
    Lost daughter, rebellious son, be my sister, be my brother,
    We'll face them head-on, death is one option, we are the other...

    We smell the stench of decay in the well,
    They drink as their bloated stomachs swell,
    Their eyes grow scales and their heart so callous,
    Death worshipers, corrupted flesh, they praise malice...

    If this is all the Earth has to offer me, I'd sooner let it burn,
    Their tongues to ash, when mercy's back finally doth turn,
    Blood of my blood but no family of mine,
    We feast on fruit, you lick the rind...

    The new breed breaks the daily bread,
    That generation would sooner eat their dead,
    Gorge themselves on parasite-ridden meat,
    Numb from the neck down, flames lick at your feat...

    Seraphs sing our song, raise clenched fists in victory,
    Oh, but you have yet to see the very best of me,
    Form your ranks, assemble your legions of the prince,
    And watch them drown in their own blood, sweat, and piss...

    We are strong, a machine of war,
    We are the wolf at the door,
    Oh, we will be coming in the house for a final fury,
    Bring out your dead before the final judge and jury...