The Nemesis Crown

Discussion in 'Games Workshop' started by azuren82, Jul 15, 2007.

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    Ok, I believe you guys know what was going on for the whole Warhammer gaming now. It's been quite some time that the whole Nemesis Crown campaign got underway. Anyone of you guys involved? I know I don't mainly because tabletop wargaming is a total unknown here in S'pore.

    But I did keep tabs on the whole campaign in a general sense thanks to the GW site for the campaign. I never got the chance to go in depth for the details though due to me unable to register. Blame it on the fact that I never go wargaming and thus I got stumped when the registration asked for which faction I'm playing. Anyway, I still can access to the War Room section where at least I can see how the factions are doing on the whole.

    That being said, my fave faction, the Wood Elves were performing reasonably well as of now, not to mention that their current standing was better than I expected. For some unknown reason, I have this thinking that the WE was one of the more technical factions compared even to the High Elves and Dark Elves. There's one week where the WE were the highest ranked in no 2 just behind the Bretonnians though. Anyway, post your thoughts here. I'm interested to see you guys' views on the campaign and the factions... ;)