The Man from Niefldarth

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    The Man form Niefldarth
    Name: the Man from Niefldarth, but originally Thaed Akrischna. Sometimes called The Reaper.
    Age: Unknown, but estimated to about 150 years
    Race:Thakzhan (fair-skinned, blind people living underground)
    Eyes: none
    Hair: none
    Birthplace: Subterranean city of Naarnach, Soutern island of Niefldarth, Grinning Doorminh
    Height: 5’11’’ (boosted up to 6’9’’ when wearing his armor)
    Weight: 157lbs (boosted up to 237lbs when wearing his armor)
    Weapon: 2 handed broad sword (designed and cgi'd by me! ^^:D)

    Thaed Akrischna was born in the deepness of Naarnach. Very soon, he developped extraordinary mental skills, but in a frail, useless body. That was a shame, because one thing that people must remember about him is that for him, useless things are mere garbage, and must be destroyed. That is why at sixteen years old, he ripped out his own blind, useless eyes. After that, he began learning magic and alchemy. He became a powerfull warlock, if it wasn’t of his weak body. His parent, being rich from discovering treasures underground, he was able to pay one of the numerous skillfull blacksmith of the southern island of Niefldarth to make him an armour; not an ordinary armour, though. The blacksmith was said to add strange symbols in the interior of the plates, and the armor was needed to be at least 1/2inch thick everywhere. The strangest was the it needed to be, when finished, in one piece, even though it seemed impossible to put on an armour with no opening... but it was an advantage for Thaed. With his occult powers, he used the symbols engraved in the armour to make the eyes of it to see, and the metal of it being able to move like muscle, supporting enormous weights. And through an obscure ritual involving human sacrifice, he bound his frail body inside the strong, powerfull armor, seeing, talking, moving from it. Being now strongest than he ever was before, he oppened a gate between the world of the living and the death, making of niefldarth a desasted and dead land, and invoked an army of dead and demons. With his army, he fought for years the armies of Grinning Doorminh, until finally he became the master of that land. He was then named the Man from Niefldarth, Master of Grinning Doorminh, lefting behind his life, and killing every things that might seem useless for him in his territory, and brang chaos upon his people.

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