The last stand part 2

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    The final Indian tribe that remained free in it's existence
    Fought to the end with much resistance
    Against change and to protect their race
    This is not the white mans place

    The chief knew their fate
    Out numbered and out gunned, it was beyond check mate
    This battle was not about victory
    It was about character, morals and bravery

    The final night before battle they had one final celebration
    Knowing death and a loss of freedom to their land was their destination
    Speaking of the past and memories of what used to be
    How the land has changed, knowing this day would come eventually

    As the night sadly and quickly comes to a end
    The Chief has one final message to send
    A final goodbye to the one's who cannot fight
    Many tears fall and cries are heard during the night

    The sun slowly rises, many can see the morning dew
    It is very foggy and the sky is clear blue
    Common belief was the Indians attacked early with surprise
    Before the enemy could prepare after opening their eyes

    Some heard the noise of galloping horses from a distance
    The sound of arrows killing people was heard in a instance
    Part of the Indian tribe struck the town with force
    Sending the white man a message with no remorse

    As the rest of them surrounded the town waiting
    More arrows landed as the half alert men were still debating
    Scrambling to find their guns and ammo
    Quickly they learned this tribe was not about to go

    People in town were getting killed left and right
    The military was still in shock that they attacked at morning light........