The Last Defence

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    Swing the axes
    Wield the swords
    Let ring the bows
    Fire the arrows
    Bring down the foes
    Defend the walls

    The city of Glory
    The city of Might
    Where the gates stand up tall, alight
    Where the dawn of new day
    Comes with the youngest rays
    O glorious! O mighty!
    O fair Minas Isnar!

    The Vala gave praise
    The Vala gave blessing
    But the kingdom had strayed
    And now its faith
    Is within the three
    The three rings of the elves

    Oh White Walls
    The city of life
    The city of light
    The lands of beauty and glory
    And the day has come
    The day of the end
    The end of all beginnings
    Arise! Arise Now!
    And defend that which is right
    Defend the great city
    Defend the people
    The glory
    The power of old

    Swing the axes
    Wield the swords
    Let ring the bows
    Fire the arrows
    Bring down the foes
    Defend the walls

    There is no coming back
    For may we be weak
    For may we have failed
    But we never turned back
    We never knew fear
    We didn’t know pain
    But Alas!
    Here comes the hour
    The hour of loss
    Of everlasting songs
    May this day be put into books
    May our children
    Ride and clean the lands
    Of the endless tides of foes

    May we be dying
    But never be beaten
    Long as the day goes on
    There is no defeating
    Of the mighty soldiers
    Of the glorious city

    My brothers
    My friends
    Look now beyond the light
    There at the distant shores
    Are the halls of our fathers
    Defend that which you love
    Which hold dear
    May all have befallen the enemies near
    But not I
    For I will fight
    With all my might

    As the Sun arises
    The hope still kindles
    Survives within our hearts
    And Alas!
    There is life
    From the far end of the battle
    Comes help
    The help of the faithful friends
    Those who care
    Those who still love
    The beautiful dawn
    Within the mighty halls of stone

    Here at the end of all things
    We fight side by side with friends
    Glorious Vala! For the siege is broken
    And the enemy fleeing
    It would seem that we have lost
    Have failed
    Have died
    It would seem that there was nothing
    Only death
    But Alas!
    A new day is dawning
    And the light in my soul shall kindle
    Ever on and on

    From the ruins
    Shall rise
    The mighty Towers
    The beauty of old
    The memories gold
    Arise from the ashes!
    Arise from the darkness!
    Oh Minas Isnar
    The fairest city
    Never shall you fall
    Long as the dawn is new to its call!

    Okay guys, look. I am writing a big story, so some names from here you won't know. I wrote poetry for many other sites and people. This isn't my best one, but somehow my most favorite one. I enjoy writing and some of you might know me from the Council of Elrond. I used to write there under nickname "TatharAldarion" but now I changed to "TheWhite~Istar"
    I hope that you like what I wrote. If so, I will post more.