The Land of Aedon

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    Hey people of Fantasy Forums. I just typed this post a minute ago and it didn't post, so I'm really friggin' mad right about now. The point is I made this story of the characters and things that have been floating around in my head, and I've been looking for a place to post them. I've made the first chapter and prologue, so if you like it tell me and i'll keep posting. I don't know how to make it look all fancy cuz I'm not a genius at computers like some of you brilliant minds out there, so sorry about that. So here it is, please comment and rate. DON'T BE A DUCHE AND PUT SLANDER CRAP ON HERE!!! Be mature and just post constructive criticism.

    The Land of Aedon; Book 1
    The Veridium Crystal

    Prologue: Found

    He ran. He ran for his life. He was a tall blue figure with a gray robe flaping in the wind as he fled from his pursuer. The other was a Talon. The beast had the form of a lizard with a lion's structure. It's head was an elongated, gold daimond.

    The blue figure held his side in pain, as bright, light-blue blood dripped down his hands from the cuts underneath. He showed no signs of agony, however, as his head held no physical features. He knew his mission though, and so did the Talon.

    A light-blue crystal was clutched in the figure's other hand, and was the objective of both figure's superiors.

    As the blue figure ran he could hear the Talon's steady, hiss-like breathing, the fixed pace of thumps as the monster's claws beat against the earth below. Every time the blue figure tried to pick up his run, the Talon matched his speed. The Talon liked the chase, it was a thrill. Especially after being cooped up in the Great Fissure for three days.
    And his master rarely sent him on missions. To finally be in pursuit of his own prey was a chance he couldn't pass up.

    On the other hand, the blue figure didn't intend this. He had lost most of the magic in him with the previous an drawn-out brawl with the Talon. But if he could reach his destination, his life would be of no consequince.

    As the chase continued along the plains North of the Great Fissure, they came upon the Datra tribune. As the blue figure reached the bank, he built up the strength for a jump across the river. The Talon saw this as an opportunity.

    The beast lept at the blue figure and pinned him to the ground. The blue figure pointed his finger at the Talon, and a blast of white energy sent the Talon flying a few feet back.

    The blue figure knew he had couldn't make it much farther, much less to his destination. He used the last of his life force and magic, and put his hand in the air, along with the crystal. The crystal rose and began to hum with energy. The sound grew louder, and louder, until all other sounds were drowned and the head-bursting hum filled both figure's minds. The crystal lit up, brighter, brighter, and then it disappeared, along with the sound. He had teleported the crystal to it's destination, along with a message to it's recipiant. But the spell had drained his strength, and he was imobilized, defenseless.

    So when the Talon got up and examined his prey, when he found his objective had gone, nowhere to be found, the blue being could do nothing to stop the Talon from bringing it's claws down on his head, ending his life.

    The Talon looked up into the air. The Alluvian lost the crystal, thought the Talon, master won't like, not at all.

    The Talon turned around, and put a claw into the air. The space around the claw distorted, and enlarged. The distortion grew into a circle about 5-foot in diameter, and revealed a land covered in mist, with a dark structure silhouhetted in the distance.

    Not at all, not at all. And with that, the Talon jumped in, and the distortion closed.
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