The Great Conflict 1: Scorch-Scarred Battlefields

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    Hello members of The Fantasy Forum,

    My name is Tivanosa Evangelista, an authoress of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I am 24 years old and live in Australia, and wish to make many intelligent, highly literate and thoughtful friends. These are the people with whom I crave discussion, and look forward to meeting everybody so inclined.

    Furthermore, I have come to promote my first self-published novel, The Great Conflict 1: Scorch-Scarred Battlefields, and my website , where you can learn all about the premise, and to enjoy a sample of the first chapter. The novel is available on, and has already sold 14 copies, so I am very eager to make new friends, drum up support and fans for my work, and to get advice on my writing.

    Thank you and I look forward to my time here.