The grand thread of Saloonka-ing

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    All the possibly offensive pictures that should not be seen by wee little eyes of childcreatures will be in links to my DA with warnings on them and such so if you're not fond of nastier things, you don't have to click those ones. There's quite a bit, some that I may have posted at earlier times, but since most don't know me I'll throw them out again. (I don't think I posted that many anyhow)
    I really need to get into drawing more dynamic pictures and more of my other characters.

    Now let's get to it!~
    Saloonka, just standing there, being pretty
    I don't know, you make it up
    Sally's face
    Drawn at work on the back of a shelf price tag, badly photo'd
    Saloonka takes a holiday, I think I like him in a hawaiian shirt
    Language warning
    Gore warning

    Duskerro: These are all quite old, I really should do an updated picture of him, but I keep drawing that darned Saloonka instead.
    Saloonka's best friend, a rat
    I think this was my first digital drawing ever, years and years ago
    Scrapped design of Dusker's human form.

    Zaech: Saloonka's Nemesis, darned birds. Also all terribly drawn.. except the first which is badly photographed instead.
    Pity about the photo quality, I'm quite fond of this scrawling
    Not brilliant, his face is all wrong but whatever
    So stiff, but I was making rain not good pictures
    A scrapped design

    Feidai: I need to do more of her, work on some character development...
    Not only of Feidai, but the only one where she's being remotely like she's meant to be.
    I thought I'd try sketching her, and failed at capturing the Feidainess miserably.
    Saloonka and Feidai, not very much like either character. Poor Saloonka has the wrong hair there.

    Lyekshok: Quite the odd fellow.
    Hush, I know his pipehand is backwards, but this is ooold so I won't do anything about it.

    Others: Not characters of mine, aside from the pipefishdragonwhatsit.
    Lord Fenrir
    More Lord Fenrir
    One of my musings, a pipefish dragon thing.
    My entry in a competition to design an outfit for a prince, I went with making some fancypants bathers
    A gryphon, also spot the Rincewind~
    A loony fox on a dingy
    Some Anthro crazy scientist stuff.
    More anthro stuff, a captain and his wench.
    Even more anthro
    A dragon, painting. Clearly not one of my designs, there's no excuse for a dragon to be that dull looking.

    AND I LEAVE YOU WITH SOMETHING NOT BY MYSELF, But of Saloonka nonetheless, a commission in progress by the wonderful, amazing Kate McElroy (El-Roacho on Deviantart, go check her stuff) Possibly my favourite artist in existance <3


    The circles will be roses, there'll be bodies woven into the throne, more bayonettes, Duskerro will be moved to the foreground and it'll be refined then coloured. I am well exciterated!