The Family Name

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Give it time, but the bleeding doesn't stop,
    Another day, but it's all the same,
    So I do what I can to cauterize the pain,
    My knees give way,
    As I shoulder the blame,

    It'll always end the same,
    My struggle was always in vain
    Born to cut against the grain,
    Until the world goes cold,

    There's murder deep within my soul,
    The bleeding never stops,
    But I can cauterize the pain,
    I've never been one to compromise,
    So I toil to find my way,

    Keep me from the lonesome night,
    Tell me what I want hear, I'll be alright,
    Spit in my face, another fight,
    Slap in the face, set myself alight,

    Struggle and toil, sweat and bleed,
    Fire on oil, the machine continues to feed.