the eyes speak with no sound

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    People are stupid, ignorant and pathetic everywhere
    Full of them selves lacking patience and they don't care
    There is a small bunch that are not like this, so far and in between
    This society is the worst I have ever seen

    Cutting in line, stealing and showing no respect
    All this hate is towards many including the president we did elect
    Living so blind leaving so much behind
    They don't mind

    Forever on the go so they never embrace life
    Forgetting about their children, husband and wife
    How can I see this?, because I'm seeing from a far
    I live in a bubble that involves a few people and a bar

    Work is hectic bosses are mostly idiots across the land
    Never saying thank you but they always demand
    Owners want perfection, so I suppose they worship the devil
    Refusing to understand we are mere humans so get on my level

    God has not done much for me
    As I can see
    Still I understand he must save 5 billion who are sinking in quick sand
    So he eventually will stick out his mighty hand

    They did it to their own soul
    Which has a massive black hole
    Maybe from greed?, maybe selfishness did the deed
    Who knows, many will never know for they refuse to read

    Iliteracy is spreading like the plague because of reality TV
    People don't move like they used to, lazyness to a strong degree
    Freedom is something we should keep
    Between the crappy economy and the government many weep