The end that will not come yet

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    This war I fight
    Day and night
    It attacks with in my soul
    Killing my brain and muscles, as I lose control

    My heart beats like it is screaming for a S.O.S
    Well no one is coming I sadly confess
    The pain can numb you from reality
    It can and will destroy your personality

    Every step and every breath I take
    I hope my life ends to take it all away for goodness sake
    I can pray and I can call anyone I please
    Still I know I'm alone fighting this disease

    No one can handle this
    As if I am on purposely destroying their inner bliss
    Do you know what it takes for me to last another day?
    The things I must do and refuse to say

    The worse I get I notice everyone just walks away
    Every day not a soul can stay
    As they wonder why I am depressed and almost want to cry
    To be my best and find the cure damn I try

    This is not in my mind
    As peace and happiness I try to find
    Yet nothing stays the same
    Everyone comes and goes like as if I am in a game

    Though I rely on one thing that gets my through
    For 5 five years it is the witches brew
    As another item goes on my list
    Alone in agony I shake my bloody fist