The end of the grey

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    Another politician has lied
    There is a little bit of evil in each of them on the inside
    A little scandal here and a drug problem there
    As they use our tax paying money to dye their hair

    Vote me they declare
    Trying to win over the public over the air
    Politics are nothing but corruption
    They should pay a higher tax deduction

    Can we cut the deficit?, I'm not sure
    But spending less and more wisely is the cure
    Does not take a genius to figure this out
    Yet most elected officials are stumped, I'm filled with doubt

    Give me a man or woman with a true vision
    Of equality, peace and not division
    A idea that this country could do better
    Instead of it fading like old leather

    I believe in character and morality
    Which is lost in this jaded society
    If we all thought as one we could have a voice
    To fix this mess is our choice

    It seems like we have lost the sun
    As a spiral of this country and the planet has begun
    Can we speak of a better tomorrow and change?
    A different concept with a better outcome, yeah it should sound strange