The Elemental Stones

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    Chapter One: The Sapphire and The Ruby.

    The skies were peacefully blue in the daylight. But the peace was false.
    The bushes were rustling, hiding a precense.

    Atop of the Blood stone, the center of the Ruins of Elem, the young man sat silently.
    Pretending to be meditating.
    But ,in reality, scanning his surroundings.
    His hand was close to the hilt of his faintly glowing katana called Tsunami.

    The boy was odly dressed. His body covered in a shiny silver armor, decorated with blue glowing streams and spirals.

    Ten men stormed at him from the bushes, swords raised, screaming loudly.


    At the last moment, he jumped, flying up into the air, and dissapeared, only to appear again behind one of his attackers, Tsunami going straight trough him. The mans body wasn't important enough to destroy, but his aura was sliced in half. He somersaulted backwards to hit the man behind him. The rest of the men were beated with the same ease.
    After the fight, ten unconsious body lay on the ground, spread around the Blood stone.
    Luno sheated his sword again and looked around. Droplets of aura still hung in the air, separated from the rest. Luno could not else but feel sorry for the men. Losing your aura was a horrible thing. It meant no emotions, less energy, never being able to perform magic anymore. Immidiately, he corrected himself. They had attacked him. They were assasins, members of a street gang. They didn't deserve to live.

    He walked up to the mountain top, looking over the the cities that surrounded him, seeing the tiny lights of overflying spaceships. He loved this planet. But there were no stones here, except his own stone, the sapphire, of course. He needed more stones and allies. Finding the ruby stone would mean more power, and, if it was taken, a new allie. Or enemy.
    He transformed to a non-armor state, and walked down the mountain, to the bustling city, to buy a ticket. Planet Dragonica would be a logic place for the ruby stone to be.

    wouldn't it?

    'It would.'
    , a voice in his head answered, seemingly coming from the sapphire stone under his clothes.

    Luno smiled.

    'Ah, Rio. It's a long time since you last talked to me.'

    'You never asked anything.'


    He bought a ticket for Dragonica, sat down at a restaurant and ordered dinner.
    A long and difficult journey lay ahead. But he would make it.
    He was absolutely sure about that.

    Meanwhile, at Planet Dragonica.

    The water under her, and the sun above her. Iris felt great.

    Sitting on a plastic seat in the swimming pool, enjoying a coke with lemon and icecubes, Iris felt like a princess.

    Then a splash of water hit her, and she flew up from her chair, almost spilling her coke.
    Two boys in the pool pointed and laughed at her.
    A flick of her fingers and a small lightnin bolt, coming from a clear blue sky, hit them.
    It was nothing more then a faint buzz, but the boys scrambled out of the pool, shocked as hell.

    And all was perfect again.

    Then a female voice spoke in her head.

    'We should continue the mission, Iris.'
    'Relax, Ignis. We were told to wait for furhter instructions, remember?'
    'We were also told to get certain ingredients in town. C'mon, let's go.'

    Iris sighed, and swam to the side of the pool. Why did Ignis always have to be so annoying?

    In town, everything was peacefull as always.
    People ate and drank at luxury restaraunts, tournaments were being held.
    Nobody could know about the upcoming war.
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    Not a bad start. A little difficult to read because of the awkward sentence structure and spelling mistakes. However, it has potential, the storyline is different and somewhat interesting.