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    Not where I wanna be
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    No one knows, oh nobody knows,
    About the doubt or where it grows,
    But its roots go deep, oh deep under my skin,
    And it's only a matter of time before the end begins...

    You have no faith, oh no faith in me,
    But without our faith, tell me where would we be?
    We're still so far apart but we still have each other,
    I've given you reason to hope but you need another...

    I'll rip it out by the root, and let the gaping wound heal,
    Let it die under my boot, and grind it to dust under my heel,
    How can I be your hero, if faith in me is next to none, next to zero?
    But I'll pull out the arrow, again, but the wound is deep, to the marrow...

    The harder I fight, the more you push away,
    The more you push, the harder I fight to stay,
    A perpetual push and pull,
    And now I guess I'm the fool...

    I overreact and underachieve,
    But at least, at one time, I believed,
    I've opened myself to you to let you see,
    How much more to me can there possible be...

    You can see what others cannot,
    I don't understand how all this doubt was brought,
    I've given everything to this fight, short of my last name,
    And the result has always turned out the same...

    The same old arguments, the same old fights,
    Same old faults, and the same old plights,
    That plague a relationship built between two lands,
    It should be stable, rooted, but feels like shifting sands...

    So, for a while, let me fall back into the arms of the past,
    And embrace a hurt that will hopefully be the last,
    At least of its kind, the kind brought upon by this,
    I'll return on my own time, whenever I wish...

    But not before, certainly not before,
    This is me, shutting the door,
    At the end of the hallway, that I lock myself in,
    This is where I stay, to revel in what might as well be sin...