The darkening of the lights

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    You have not seen what I have seen in my eyes
    So I don't expect you to realize
    The pain and agony
    That you and the world fail to see

    There is a word that means so much
    To a lovers touch
    With in the heart some say it brings them peace
    Well sorry to burst your bubble as you fall to your knees

    Commitment is not a bullet proof vest
    That says I'm all yours hit me with your best
    Not a great wall of China and no it can't save a couple from doom
    Those thoughts will sweep you away with out even using a broom

    In the end a diamond ring does not matter
    Your partner can still kill you by pushing you off that latter
    What means most is honesty, love and care
    To say those words that you will always be there

    Whether I say you are my wife or girl friend means nothing
    If all those words are said with little or no meaning
    Effort goes a long way
    If it is continuous and never ending than why don't people stay?

    Clearly I am damaged by people and corrupted by my own thinking
    As several have pushed me out of their lives with out even blinking
    My question to all of you is, are you better off with out me?
    I'm sure many say yes

    Trust me I don't want to be here either, I must confess