The Conjurer (Sequel to "The Wizard")

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    If you're looking for a man who appears hundreds of years old
    With a long grey beard and wire-rimmed glasses
    Dressed in elaborate robes and a tall pointed hat...
    Then chances are you missed the conjurer that just walked by.

    To be fair you probably thought him a scarecrow
    eloped from a cornfield
    With his road-weary clothes and gangly frame
    His disheveled appearance that most everyone avoids.

    He is curious and meek, with morals most high
    And would rather solve problems by wit than by fist.
    But make no mistake!
    Do not be fooled!
    His spells are most powerful,
    When they've occasion to work.

    And neath his heart of gold,
    when provoked,
    Hides a murderous streak most bold!