The Chosen One...

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    What's all that noise I hear?
    Perhaps the end is drawing near,
    You never hear the bullet that gets you,
    But I promise you'll feel when it hits you...

    Look at the number of broken souls at my feet,
    Say goodbye, to a thousand days, when we met,
    I dream broken dreams and then I make them come true,
    I dream all these things up and I do them for you...

    My dreams come true,
    They always do,
    While you struggle to the mountaintop,
    Slip and fall, roll to the bottom and stop...

    You drop just like a stone,
    A name that will die unknown,
    Unspoken, unheard, never to be whispered again,
    Fall faster downwards into my nightmare tailspin...

    What was yours, now is mine,
    I waited my turn, now is my time,
    Not the prodigal son, but the chosen one,
    Even though you keep me under the gun...

    What is that noise I hear?
    It's my time drawing near,
    Your thousand broken dreams that I made come true,
    All for me, and now I don't know if you'll make it through...

    All into my hands, all of this is mine,
    I told you it was my time to shine,
    Gold and blue, limelight on me,
    And now everyone will know me...