The Captain

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    I just love taking a morning job along the beach, each and every morning
    I usually arise with the sun, at the break of dawn, so while I run I can watch the sun as it continues to arise
    It is so beautiful on the beach, especially at sunrise, my heart fills with such joy, the peace and tranquility, my heart could sing a happy song
    Sometimes the horizon between the sea and the sky, they seem to merge, a beautiful optical illusion, to me this is no surprise

    As I do my usual run, running in the surf, I notice a strange man, looking as if he is enjoying, an early morning walk
    He is a very striking older gentleman, dressed like a ship's captain, even down to the pipe that he smokes
    I wonder should I do the friendly thing, introduce my self to him, start a conversation, so we may talk
    Never seeing him before, I want him to know here he would be among friendly folk.

    I swallow my pride, go up to the older generation, and introduce myself in hopes of starting a conversation
    As I talk to the mysterious gentleman, he only looks at me and smiles
    Soon the skies start to darken, me knowing a storm is brewing, as the clouds start taking over the once shining sun
    I tell him I must get home, but then the wind starts unbearably blowing, looking at me he shakes his head no, pointing at a small store, I think he wants me to stay there for a while
    He walks right beside me, making sure I safely make to the little building, to beat the storm we actually had to run.

    We reach the store, he points to the front door as if to say, you be first to go inside
    I do as my strange savior wants me to do, but when I look behind me he isn't there
    Soon the thunder and lightning start, looking at the ocean, the sea is very angry, the waves, look like are a mile high, but thanks to my savior, I'm warm and safe being inside
    I have to wonder, if my savior if he is in the storm, where did he go? It's like he disappeared into thin air.

    I wait inside the small fishing store as I wait on the storm to end
    I start a conversation, with the elderly owners of the store, telling them, exactly what happened to me
    Then I have a big shock, as I see a portrait of my savior, hanging on the wall, my very sanity, I must defend
    The elderly lady in the store, tells me, this was her father, he died twenty years ago, in a bad storm, much like the one of today, so what I saw, it just couldn't be.

    Seems this man, a captain, of a ship on the sea, saw me, and because of his good nature, he felt it was his responsibility from the storm to save me
    His daughter tells me he has done this kind of thing before, making sure others were safe from a storm
    Being a sea captain, he feels it is his job to warn and help others, from bad storms he helps others to flee
    This entity, him such a good soul, not to scare others, he helps them always appearing as the captain in human form.