The Book of Life

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    From my five book fantasy series Of Atlantis, book one released this fall

    In each ancient society, just like in ancient Egypt, just like the book of the dead
    But from Atlantis, the book rescued, was called the book of life
    Just as in the other book, incantations, rites, rituals, to cause something magic, after they are read
    In Atlantis, only kept in a temple, so people could not read the contents, causing each other evil and strife.

    When the destruction occurred, I thought to retrieve this most sacred book
    This book, if you are Orion, well to us it and what it says, the content, we try our best to obey
    The contents the Orion, always obeyed, never questioning, not even taking a second look
    The contents from the Supreme Being and ancient Goddess Cheyenne, we paid close attention to what the book had to say.

    This special book, so old, I bet it has survived, the age of fifty thousand years
    Given to Atlantis from the Orion, on the day of the new king's coronation
    Reading this book, would calm anyone's fears
    Finally knowing Earth wasn't the only place with life under our brilliant shining sun.

    When discovered, we were not alone, our brethren, more advanced than us
    We learned, they had come to us, their hand extended in friendship
    We had nothing to fear, them traveling so far, because of us
    Yes, their world was dying, but in finding us, they might be able to survive, praying in their decision, they wouldn't slip.

    When they sought us out, with them they brought the book of life
    The Orion, a very religious and loving race, always obeying the content displayed in the book
    Never meaning our race any harm or evil strife
    Just wanting their race to survive, and their friendly hand, without hesitation, it we took.

    The book of life, even in Atlantis, it's content was most sacred
    One incantation, the rite of resurrection, raising the dead, this was totally taboo
    In our world and theirs, this rite was something we never attempted or did
    Just like the Christian bible, the Orion Book of Life, very sacred, too.
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    Your novel is going to be great:) .