The Actor, the Musician, and the Painter.

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    Alright, here's a little short story that I decided to make up. I'm suffering from insomnia, so this is a product of just that!

    It was a crispy winter day, in the capital city of the Curian empire, Trinovantum. The weather was much colder than usual, cold enough to freeze ice if given enough time to do so. At the Trinovantum School for the Arts, an actor, a musician and a painter sit together in a vast canteen, debating with each other the merits of their specific field. A fourth student, who is a mutual friend of the others but studies Pharmacology in another university, listens to their arguments.

    "Acting, be it comedy or tragedy, is the most human and emotional reflection of the arts. Acting moves the audience in a way unseen by any other art form, be it by tears of pleasure or pain, of the actor who seeks to entertain the viewer." says the actor.

    "I disagree, the human ear is the most acute organ in the body, and music is the sweetest, purest delight for the soul to enjoy and relish. Music can trigger memories of times, good or bad, or evoke the imagination, stirring it into a frenzy. Music is most certainly the superior form of the arts." parries the musician.

    "No way" argues the Painter. "Using colour, shapes, form, and lines, we can create images of reality or fantasy. The beauty of painting is that it can show the truth through different eyes, depending on who paints the painting itself. It is most surely the greatest and grandest art form of all time."

    The fourth student, after taking in all the information, shakes his head. "You're all wrong" he quietly says.

    Acting can be twisted to make others follow your will by playing off their sympathies and emotions.

    Music can be used as a propaganda tool to manipulate people by letting them hear what they want to hear, and subtly persuade them.

    Paintings can have a strong visual impact on people, forever scarring an idea into one's fragile, volatile mind.

    The pharmacologist sat back, smug with himself.