The 14 Day Saga: Thrice...

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    A love that is given, yet never taken away,
    Fires that spread so far, they are here to stay,
    Etched into stone by a mighty bolt of lightning,
    Something that is finally worth fighting...

    Threefold be the pain we've endured for this,
    For unimaginable and unforgettable bliss,
    When some said it would cost us everything,
    We opened our hearts and prepared to sing...

    And decided to take what was rightfully ours,
    Over a field of a thousand blossoming flowers,
    Beautiful colors the likes of which you've never seen,
    Eclipsed in the unrivaled perfection, a saga of fourteen...

    Glorious dawns rise and serene dusks fall,
    Weak men step up and strong men crawl,
    You can feel the eminence up your spine,
    Tomorrow is ours, both yours and mine...

    A battle for something greater than the nothing we were given,
    A pair of hard-noses that are both hellbent and glory driven,
    Three years of waiting, three years of patience,
    Hold onto something before this gets intense...

    The world is crumbling away around our ears,
    And it has been for over the course of years,
    But I'll be damned if I go out without holding you hand,
    And walking under a moonlit sky on a beach of sand...

    I will be with her, no matter the price,
    If I have to die for it, let me die thrice,
    Because that is what this is all worth in the bitter end,
    Our wills are unbreakable, though they may start to bend...

    Once more, dig in and wait it out,
    And never succumb to their doubt,
    Eleven days to go, this is the third one down,
    We'll win this fight, on that I'd bet my crown...