The 14 Day Saga: The Eleventh Hour...

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    Here we are, on the doorstep of tomorrow,
    The past is behind us now, but we know sorrow,
    We can feel it in our bones, a fire kindled so hot,
    Feel it in our hearts, we're stronger than they thought...

    It's in the air now, it starts as a static,
    An energy pulses, anarchic and sporadic,
    But there is a method to the madness, and it starts to build,
    And it pulls and pushes, to and fro, our will will be fulfilled...

    They're sitting back, plotting like bad guys from James Bond,
    Wondering how the hell these crazy kids' plans ever spawned,
    But no matter how hard we get hit, we just bounce back,
    You can see it in the setting sun, right before the attack...

    In our final hour before start of a new era of kings,
    The final hope comes in the eleventh hour on steel wings,
    Across an ocean of naysayers and hate,
    She flies head-long, challenging fate...

    And now its building, from the front to the back,
    It's happening now, set in motion as a matter of fact,
    Been under this magnifying glass for so long,
    They see everything we do and call it wrong...

    But nah, we throw off the oppression of the past,
    We're here to fight back and our reign will last,
    The king of the sun and the queen of the isle,
    Forgive me if I come as the least bit hostile...

    But I've been under attack since the day I was out the womb,
    And I plan to be fighting tooth and nail for her till I'm in the tomb,
    Excuse me if I start to stomp and pump my fist,
    But I did not start this war, but now I'm pissed...

    Bandanna around my forehead and an AK slung round,
    It's been one more journey, being lost but now I'm found,
    I pledge allegiance to this holy union of the new order,
    And you know I haven't even started on my civil disorder...

    Get in my way just one more time and find out,
    Just how angry I can get and how I'll stomp you out,
    No more time to screw about in the eleventh hour,
    Now you are going to feel our real, combined power...