The 14 Day Saga: Sixgun...

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    We never actually wanted it to be this way,
    Tried to part with the Devil, he's here to stay,
    Four-thousand miles apart, fighting just to touch,
    We didn't ask for a lot, but they said it was too much...

    So we decided to be a couple of outlaws,
    And now we're fighting with teeth and claws,
    Trying to get together just one more time,
    Because we know, when we do, it'll be sublime...

    So here we are, you're Bonnie and I'm Clyde,
    Six guns in hand, let's go for one more ride,
    We'll shoot up the joint, and make off into the horizon,
    Ain't got no plan, all the time we'll be improvising...

    And if one of us goes down, in a blaze of glory,
    The other will fight to the death, end of story,
    And that'll be the end of us two bandits,
    Just us with our guns and our wits...

    Outsmarting the sheriff and his groupies and thugs,
    Just to get to see each other and get a few hugs,
    That's all we ever wanted, but they drove us to this,
    Our aim is lethal, I promise you we won't ever miss...

    I've got six shots, and so does the girl,
    Go on, get in our way, just give it a whirl,
    Because we didn't come this far to be stopped now,
    Even backed into a corner, we'll it out somehow...

    In a hail of lead and clouds of smoke,
    Til we swing from a pine or maybe an oak,
    Or until we see our chance, and make a getaway,
    She's only for a visit, but the love is here to stay...

    Just two wild lovers who got a wild plan,
    Who happened to get targeted by The Man,
    But we put six in his face,
    And now gone without a trace...