The 14 Day Saga: Monday the 13th

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    Not where I wanna be
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    Call it what you will, a romance or horror show,
    Waiting on you is really starting to blow,
    It's not even been twenty-four hours yet,
    And I can't describe how shaky my hands get...

    Like my life support has been unplugged, now I'm fighting to survive,
    It's unhealthy, this disconnection, but I will soon be back alive,
    Up from the ground, up out of my tomb,
    Just waiting for my little rose to bloom...

    Because, when she does, it will be pretty,
    But for now, today has been kinda shitty,
    The truth is, the beach might not happen,
    Big bad wolf is at the door and he's rappin...

    But, call me the hunter, I got an ax in hand,
    And something really nasty is being planned,
    If he doesn't back the hell up and back into the wood,
    Kill him off dead, like I always knew freaking should...

    If worse comes to worse,
    And we've an empty purse,
    Maybe we can be each other's company,
    Even though it may be oh so reluctantly...

    I tell you this hardship is never ending,
    Laid out, my will is honestly bending,
    But I ain't going to break, I'm too hard headed,
    Scarred knuckles with fight in them, embedded...

    I assure you, promise you, a grand old time,
    And promise you, at least one more rhyme,
    To sum up our past, and begin our future together,
    We will be in the glory of the sun, no matter the weather...