The 14 Day Saga: Lucky Sevens...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    And when at last, I see your face,
    I'll know that we have won the race,
    Championing a cause all its own,
    To fuel a fire we feel in every bone...

    A roll of the dice, and a lucky charm,
    To give up love for safety is harm,
    And wish all we may for a four and three,
    But maybe we'll get snake eyes, we'll see...

    I've never been much of a gambler,
    But, due to these poems, I am a rambler,
    The point is, I've gone all in on with the chips on you,
    And if unless the dealer goes bust, I'm all but through...

    This ain't a game of luck, though many thing it to be,
    I'm here to prove them wrong, just leave it to me,
    And watch as I stare down the dealer,
    Or cut a man that tries to steal her...

    Then see how my two of a kind is all I need,
    To beat someone's Ace that's up their sleeve,
    I don't cheat, and I don't believe in fate,
    I'm slow to love but too fast to hate...

    We all have our flaws, winning is one of mine,
    So here is where my flaw comes to shine,
    And as the last roller comes to a stop, the last one,
    I see it is my lucky seven, this time I have won...

    You're my jackpot, it isn't a joke,
    And this isn't a time to choke,
    So close, so far, we're going to be together,
    And then you'll be here, enjoying the weather...