The 14 Day Saga: Infintenity...

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    So who's next on the chopping block?
    The next little dastard I gotta mock,
    Just ignore me, I'm not thinking clearly,
    I burn bridges, like hundreds ever yearly...

    But I only need one, across a freaking ocean,
    And we are the ones who set Heaven in motion,
    As long as you don't get deported,
    And I don't get my ass reported...

    We'll be just fine in that land of sunshine,
    Everything will be so much fun, daily grind,
    Since the beginning of time and before,
    Like the Beatles got back together for a tour...

    Up from the dead with Lennon tripping balls,
    Maybe this was actually a bad idea after all,
    Nah, just kidding, I've always been one to wing it,
    And when people step to me I can't help but bring it...

    Our love is shining like diamonds, all sparkly right?
    The more pressure there is, the it shines bright,
    And yes, I did the title just for the cool guy, LY,
    This thing is going far like a golf ball on a fairway...

    And people thinking they can disrupt us, but they're done,
    They run their mouth so much and I'm like, "Come on, son,
    Don't you know who I am, the finest and all that,"
    One more pop-up activist that got himself flat...

    This love goes up like Buzz Lightyear, to infintenity,
    I feel like this all so natural, just a simple affinity,
    And now there's not many to go, down to four,
    And if I drop any hammers, I'll change my name to Thor...

    ^_~... Oooh Hopsin... You really nerf my rhyming abilities -.-