The 14 Day Saga: Greightness...

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    Oh woe hello there, didn't see you around,
    For real, I was lost and now I'm found,
    Now we're like watching the clock tick down,
    And ignoring haters and a c*ck dick clown...

    I tell you what, I ain't hardly ever caught so much flak,
    From a topsy turvy bigot who just needs to kiss my crack,
    But please, baby, do your best to ignore the racist,
    And he bothers you again, he'll find where his place is...

    Laid out flat on the asphalt as we drive away,
    If he does get his ass caught, I don't play,
    But hey, I mean woe, I mean what can I do?
    A pool shark in open waters with nothing to chew...

    So here I go, setting up my one hit wonder trick shot,
    Ain't no way he can make it, so they all thought,
    A game so rigged that it makes the government look clean,
    A world so cold and hard, you know they can all be so mean...

    The dating game, and annoying facebook updates,
    But pull away the physical stuff and it just deflates,
    We got more than that, but we had less,
    At the start of this, pulled me up out of a mess...

    They said I was sane, how little they knew me baby,
    Narcissistic and split up the middle eight ways maybe,
    So you picked up the pieces and glued me back together,
    Now I'm standing taller than I ever did, ask me how's the weather...

    A mental giant with a heart the size of a wildfire,
    A pyro set off by a blazing ray, this is getting dire,
    Set it off right, let's get this fire a flowing,
    Packed your bags and get ready to get going...

    If I wasn't clear the first time, let me try once more,
    I know what is coming, I know what we're destined for,
    And this particular thing, I must express,
    Is nothing short of unending greatness...