The 14 Day Saga: Five Star...

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    And now, I've wasted enough of your time,
    So prepare yourself for me to perfect the rhyme,
    Try and control the heat in your head,
    While I try and warm up our little bed...

    It's time raise the bar a few notches or more,
    Because the last thing I wanna be is a bore,
    A literal five star performance,
    You know it at just a glance...

    Because I turn it on right, and by it I mean you,
    Fourteen days of waiting, but, by the time I'm through,
    You'll need twice that to recover,
    Baby, I'll make you levitate and hover...

    Send you right through the roof and into space,
    Have you sweating like you just ran a race,
    And that is just the warm up for the real show,
    So dig in your heels and get ready to go...

    And as I sit here and wait out my probation,
    I just can't wait for this two month vacation,
    Just you and me, and long nights with no sleep,
    Who wants to sleep when you can just bleep...