The 14 Day Saga: Day One...

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    Since the day I met you, my mind has been racing,
    I didn't know then that it was you I was chasing,
    Because in the face of a beast within,
    I did not know where to even begin...

    How does one go about facing their own mind?
    It took a heart like yours to open eyes so blind,
    And since the very first day, you sought me,
    An Angel upon high who fought the sea...

    We learned along the way,
    And took steps beyond 'Ray',
    Got passed the image on the screen,
    You are the one that knows what I mean...

    A root beer can and a cabinet of wooden oak,
    I don't even remember about what we first spoke,
    But I know that it started something grand,
    And it will end with us hand-in-hand...

    This is just the start,
    All that time being apart,
    It all pays off in fourteen days,
    In the end, patience pays...

    From humble beginnings, to unforeseeable end,
    Who can tell what is just around the river's bend?
    One day down with just thirteen to go,
    The 14 Day Sage, welcome to the show...