The 14 Day Saga: Ballad of Two...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    You see, it's not always easy, being thousands of miles away,
    And, yes, sometimes we have wondered if it was here to stay
    Or if it was just passing folly,
    Gray skies, that are so squally...

    Destiny has done her finest to gun us down,
    Attempts that came close to usurping the crown,
    Taking all that we had and giving it to the fire,
    But when it seemed close to end, situation dire...

    We took it in stride, and took the wounds like kings,
    Buckled in for the long ride, ready for what it brings,
    Those skies cleared, and the wounds scarred over,
    Now the world is before, step into dew covered clover...

    Fields of perfection, skies turn blue and clear,
    And as the storms pass, so does lingering fear,
    I could never do it without you,
    Together we have gotten through...

    You have been my angel, and I, your hero,
    Now watch as the clock closes in on zero,
    And I would do it all again,
    Just to be your best friend...

    Through all the hurt and pain,
    Nothing to lose, everything to gain,
    That is where it all started, bleak twilight from a gray dawn,
    Those are times that we once withstood, now forgone...

    And now we wait in the glory of the sun,
    Into your open arms I will wait to run,
    We won't fade into obscurity,
    But our pain is now history...