The 14 Day Saga: Back to One

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    Not where I wanna be
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    Five, four, three, two, one,
    Over for now, but far from done,
    A thousand years we waited, and we'll do it again,
    So someone deliver this message, to my friend...

    That I'm here waiting on the shoreline,
    For the thousand suns between us to shine,
    And the moon to pull waves away and make way,
    For you to come here and come to stay...

    Unshackled and unleashed on a world so unprepared,
    Took it by the horns and did what no one else dared,
    Squashed thousands of miles and millions of doubts,
    And chose the proper way out of billions of routes...

    So many numbers, clouding my head,
    All went away the first night in bed,
    The anger of ten-thousand knives in my back,
    Vanished from mine eyes, set back on track...

    Five, four, three, and two, now I'm back to one,
    Just this promise, bright shining like the sun,
    A miracle in the making brews in the sky,
    And many more hide behind my right eye...

    Now I'm back to one, by myself but never alone,
    Triumph over sea, air, and land, victory is known,
    Now its time to knock the rust off my shoulders,
    And go back to the daily grind of war and boulders...

    Crushing mountains, one pebble at a time,
    I'll walk through the rubble, forget the climb,
    And there, in that rubble, I'll wait for you,
    To come and put us back together, one into two...