The 14 Day Saga: A Dozen Days...

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    It's been three years right about now,
    I look back and still don't understand how,
    You ever came round to idolize the crazy man,
    When it's you that should be seen as grand...

    No nonsense and cut right through the bs,
    Until that fateful day I apologized, in a little PS,
    And told you later on that I loved you more than life,
    And would choose to live for you, through the strife...

    A soldier in the darkness of the jungle, nothing but his gun,
    A young woman with angelic light from her eyes, the one,
    Yeah, the one I grew to know so well,
    The one that dragged me out of hell...

    Trudged through the anarchy, through the sky falling,
    Hand-in-hand, under hateful eyes, answered a calling,
    To go forth and be full of brave,
    Getting in our way would be grave...

    A pair with fatherless pasts and family noose-ties round our neck,
    The decks are stacked against us, we were supposed to be a wreck,
    Thousands of miles don't work out, right?
    But we would do it just for the spite...

    So it goes on, we push it on through the dark,
    Carrying, in our hearts, world's last hope, a spark,
    To rekindle the flame of Mother Earth,
    Something she has lost since birth...

    Lightning in our fists, cutting ways through mists,
    It's been a treacherous road with turns and twists,
    Warriors, soldiers, armed to the teeth with bare hands,
    Pushed against the wall, we've made plenty of last stands...

    And if it decides to rain, let it rain,
    And if it starts to hurt, embrace the pain,
    Because it makes us stronger in the end of it all,
    A dozen days in Hell, just as long as we never fall...

    God has bestowed upon us power unimaginable,
    Maybe it's my narcissism but I think we're intangible,
    Untouchable by the world, unaffected by the enemy,
    They want to see me raw, and you bring out that in me...

    They said no and we begged to differ, defiance,
    The unimaginable love we hold, our only reliance,
    If someone ain't happy for us, kiss my ass crack,
    If you want to get in my face, knock your ass back...

    Fist in the air, war paint smeared,
    Because when the smoke has cleared,
    We will have come out on top with morale higher than ever,
    Bruised and battered but we did not waver whatsoever...

    On the heels of the storm,
    Ultimate power in human form,
    The young, beating hearts of two,
    Dynamo of energy to get us through...

    Yeah it's been a dozen days since the saga started,
    And two more before I get to meet my dearly departed,
    Two days to step on my toes,
    Two days to cut up our foes...

    So tremble under the might of our unified empire,
    Or warm your souls around the loving pyre,
    Whichever you choose is fine,
    Yin and Yang, now intertwine...