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    Rules, rules, rules. Everybody hates rules, but we do have to set some ground rules in advance, for everyone's best interest. Some are obvious reasons; some are to avoid the repeat of past problems.

    Please take a minute to glance through the rules. It will make everybody's life a lot easier if I don't have to spend my time reminding everybody of them. They are for everyone's benefit. Ignoring these rules will result in disciplinary action up to and including being banned.


    1. No vulgar language. And try to remember that people of all ages post here and that inappropriate topics and sexual innuendo has its place and time.

    2. When posting, try to be clear and concise. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Nobody is going to be expecting a work of Shakespeare, but try to compose your post so that readers can understand without having to decipher acronyms (LWK instead of Legolas White Knives), l33+ speak, and poor English. Take a minute to reread your post before you post it.

    3. NO YELLING. Posting in all capitals is annoying and poor netiquette. Thread titles do not need extra exclamation marks, either. If you are clear about your post topic (see Rule #2), people will take the time to read it.

    4. Use the "Search" function to check for existing topics before creating a duplicate thread.

    5. Post in the appropriate area. Not taking the time to do so is just laziness.

    6. Stay on topic as much as possible. If you have to be reminded by a moderator to get back on topic and you don't, the thread will close.

    7. Spamming will not be tolerated anywhere except for the Spam section. This includes advertising and plugging your own websites.


    1. Treat others with the respect that you would want and expect from others.

    2. Remember that posters here are of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, education levels and are from all over world. So a word mispoken, out of context or improperly used may convey a meaning that is unintended by the author. Some things do not translate well when in print. So cut the other guy some slack before you "fly off the handle". He or she may not have meant what you had perceived.

    3. Threats and abusive behaviour carry a NO TOLERANCE policy. Meaning, do it once and you will be banned. Period. The Fantasy Forum also reserves the right, if the situation warrants (ie. death threat, etc.) to contact and cooperate with the appropriate authorities.

    4. Many of our members here collect non-functional swords. We understand that not all collectors feel the same with regards to functional vs. decorative pieces, but hear this: in coming here you shall refrain from making disparaging and insulting remarks in regards to decorative pieces. If you collect functional swords and feel the need to run down those that collect non-functional pieces, please move on. We encourage educational discussion. We frown upon elitism.

    5. If you have any doubt about how you should post, please refer to Rule #1

    Competitors and EBay

    1. Simple rule: Blades by Brown is no longer the sponsor for this site. Therefore - links, references, rumours, etc. with respect to other distributors of United Cutlery products are now permitted.

    2. eBay operates on the principal of Caveat Emptor, or "Let the buyer beware". Such as it is, we do not condone, encourage or support the use EBay. So links or mentions of eBay is not permitted in any section but the Rants and Scams section. This exception is to warn of unscrupulous dealers trying to pass off counterfeits as Official UC products, NOT to ask "Is this an Official product?"


    Do not PM any of the Admins about becoming a moderator. This is an earned privilege and we will contact you if we feel you are mod material.

    If you have a problem or concern about the site, contact the mod of the section in question. If there is no section mod or if the concern is of a general nature, contact Nienor. If she can't resolve your problem, she will refer you to me or contact me in your behalf.

    Please note that you should not contact the site administrator (Boomerang) unless it is of a very urgent and important nature. That is why we have the support staff in place.

    Dual Registrations:
    Easy. It's not permitted. Anyone found posting with dual registrations will have all their registrations removed.

    5-lines, single spaced. One image, please keep it reasonably sized. Not everyone has broadband or a billion gigahertz Pentium 10; let's try to keep the pages loading smoothly.

    No links or references to companies, etc.

    There, that wasn't so bad. If we all post responsibly, we can make this a great place to visit. Please do your part.

    Thanks, and enjoy your time here at The Fantasy Forum.


    TFF Forum Manager
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