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    Name: Tamikah Draconia
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female (Duh!)
    Race: Human: Warrior
    Apperance: Golden blonde braided hair; Fair skin tone; Ancient tatoos on her face extending from her left shoulder to just above her left eyebrow; Skinny, but very strong (apperance is decieving); Lime-green eyes; Rough but gentle hands; 5'8"; 105 lbs; Is usually seen wearing a black tunic with a lace-up front with a long-sleeved, white, colared undershirt; black kapris with back pockets; black leather boots; A sword belted to her waist hanging for her left side; Side dagger hanging on her right waist (it's enlarged... not really that big); Seven hidden daggers, and three visible (one is the above mentioned); And a small leather pouch hanging behind the dagger filled with gold and silver.
    Weapons: (Well, as seen above) A sword, 10 daggers, fists, legs, and feet.
    Powers: The ability ot heal, and speak with animals.
    Companions: A black cat named Kieran, a grey wolf named Diego, and a white horse named Orion.
    Personality: Quiet, depressed, loving, strong in both physical state and soul-wise, caring, stressful, loyal, independent, leaderly, alert, at times careless, couraged, determination always leading her for payback, honesty, patient at times, responsible, observant, confident, and wisdomatic from the heart.
    ((Now for the longest part of all...))
    Biography: Tamikah was born and rasied as a mountain folk until she was 5. Her village and home was burnt from an attack, and was captured by the enemy. She was taken back to a town called Rahomen, which lay in the middle of Death Sands. There, she was given to a young widow for a slave. ((No remember, she's only 5.)) She grew up as a slave for two years until the Royals followed the freely-attacking village, and captured them, killing all. Having seen so much hate, she began hating the whole world, whether it be good or bad. During the next three years living as a maid in a senator's household, she began to realize in her tiny heart that there was no love; it never existed. One night at the senator's, she made a pact with herself to avenge her dead family, and ran away.

    She had then spent the next year as a thief, going from village to village, town to town, until she came upon this army camped near the River Valkoo. She was found, acting as though she was lost and sick, and was given to a young man by the name of Cyprian to be watched after.

    For six years, Tamikah stayed with Cyprian. He taught her everything there is to know about fighting with swords and daggers, teaching her how to fire a bow, and physical self-defense. During the first four years, she learned everything there was to know about fighting, and Cyprian himself. Also, during those years, she began to realize that she was in love with Cyprian, and him her. Her being a beautiful young 17-year-old woman, and him being a handsome 25-year-old man, they finally expressed their love to one another. ((Okies... when they first met, she was 11, and he was 19... just to clear that up unless you couldn't do mental math... *lol* jp, yall...))

    The next four years, they spent as a married couple with no children because of his position in the army. She had been pregnant once after three years of marriage, but unfortunatly had a miscarriage. A civil war had begun forming, and had distracted the two from ever trying again. The fourth year together, Cyprian was taken away from Tamikah to fight in the war. Half a year had passed until she recieved word of his death. After another half a year, the war had finally ended, the good army (her husband's warmates) had found victory.

    She spent three years as the first woman to ever be in the army after her husband's death. Fighting tiny battles, her anger was released through the killings. She was never completely happy, but found that fighting released her stress gradually. Ever since, she has been a depressed, and very quiet Lieutenant in the army. The rest of the militants hope that one day, she may become the head hauncho of the army for they love her for her bravery and strength.
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