Take the Plunge...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    I will never be what you want,
    Everything you hate, I don't,
    And kept pushing me towards the edge,
    Now not much more than a man on a ledge...

    This life is a prison, pavement sets me free,
    You will never see what's inside of me,
    Now please, get out of the way,
    I'm going to learn to fly today...

    A hundred stories up, a thousand stories left untold,
    Taken on the world and I'm not twenty years old,
    Now you're pushing me, telling me take the dive,
    You, the one who pulled me under just to survive...

    Feed me more love, feed me the hurt,
    To me, it all just tastes like graveyard dirt,
    It gets harder to swallow, too much to take,
    But you'll never get to see me break...

    Because I will pull you under just to save myself,
    What I have hidden on my bedroom shelf,
    Would be more than enough to put you to sleep,
    Hold you under and tell me to "Breathe deep"...

    My heels dig in, no, I won't go over,
    Not for you or my godforsaken mother,
    Put all your weight into me and yell "Coming down!"
    I'll grab both your wrists and you'll be the one to drown...

    It's all coming down around our ears,
    Unspoken words, all those years,
    Spent all my years being the unsung hero,
    And now my tolerance is down to zero...

    You only wanted to save number one,
    Started to love me at the end of a gun,
    And from this close, I promise I won't miss,
    It's all too much, but you asked for this...

    No, I won't make the dive today,
    Because I have chosen to stay,
    I'll hold my head above water; let go of this weighted crown,
    He steps away from the ledge and whispers "Coming down..."

    Because it won't be that easy, not that way,
    We make our own choices, we can choose to stay,
    And they will never see,
    What I have inside of me...