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    Name- Augustus aka Aust
    Age- 21
    Height- 6 ft 2 in
    Gender- Male
    Race- Human
    Position- Red Mage
    Weapon- Soul (long sword) and Solar (bastard sword)
    -Solar- Solar draws its power directly from the sun. It affects the undead and the unholy like the sun does, only in the form of a sword. Solar never runs out of power, but is more affective outside in daylight. When Aust is transformed into an angel or fallen angel, arcs of light can be emmitted from the sword that are as forceful and powerful as a slash or charge with Solar. Both swords can move around freely in the air as long as Aust has mental focus on them. Sometimes an angel can be seen weilding Solar while it is in midair.
    -Soul- Soul slowly suck the life out of its victim once a wound is made. Until the wound is healed or the curse is lifted, more and more life will be sucked out of the victim untill they die. Occasionally the dead vitim will become an undead creature or a full demon or vampire, depending on the circumstances. Otherwise, their soul is consumed by the sword. When Aust is transformed into a demon or fallen angel, he can slam Soul into the ground and out from underneath the target, black poisonous gas will emerge. This gas is fatal upon a single inhalation from a non-undead, non-unholy creature or being. It rots vegetation, rusts metal, and causes boils to form on the skin as long as whatever comes in contact with is neither unholy nor undead. Both swords can move around freely in the air as long as Aust has mental focus on them, but not for too long or too often. Sometimes a demon can be seen weilding Soul while it is in midair.
    -Silver Crown- Aust sprouts an angel wing and a demon wing (Wings are different for each wearer. Creatures who already have wings sprout more wings and/or grow larger). Wings regenerate as long as silver crown is worn. If silver crown is removed while wings are extended, wings fall off and gashes are left where the wings were attached.
    -Fallen Angel- When Aust gathers enough power, or when something drastic happens (like the death of a companion), he can transorm into either an angel, a demon, or a fallen angel. He can only do this when he is in possesion of the silver crown and either Soul or Solar (depending on the transformation). He thinks like whatever he transforms into and he is extremely exhausted and near powerless after he transforms back into a human, which happens shortly after he uses this power.

    Magic -
    (note: weaker spells, which are those that can be cast more times per day, are less reliable then the more powerful spells. Also, Aust can only prepare ten spells a day. For example, he can prepare 4 RUSE, 3 LOCK, 2 PURE, and 1 LIFE)
    RUSE (6 times a day) - Creates up to 3 mirror images of target. Mirror images are just mental illusions seen, heard, smelled, etc. by whoever Aust is fighting against. Each mirror image disapears when attacked or when physical contact is attempted. Those who Aust is not fighting against or who Aust is not concentrating the spell to affect only sees faint images of whoever the target is and any noises made by the mirror images sound as if they were echos. The farther you are from the mirror images, the less you can see or hear them. The mirror images act like the target of the spell but do what Aust commands of them mentally. If Aust is no longer able to mentally comand them, then all of the mirror images disapear. Another RUSE spell can be persormed only after all of the mirror images from the last RUSE spell disapear.
    LOCK (6 times a day) - As long as Aust can see the target enemy when LOCK is cast, Aust can see the target enemy during the entire battle even if the enemy decides to hide or turn invisible or try to sneak up behind Aust. Once the enemy is slain or whenever Aust decides to dismiss the spell, Aust can then, and only then, cast LOCK again on a different enemy.
    MUTE (5 times a day) - Aust places a special parchment over a spellcaster's mouth. The spellcaster can not cast any spells nor speak untill the parchment is destroyed with fire.
    TMPR (5 times a day) - Makes a weapon permanently more powerful and automatically makes it a magic weapon. The weapon is also stronger and a bit lighter. TMPR can not be stacked and requires special spell components to be performed. May take a while depending on size of weapon. Although it can be cast on amunition, it is wiser to cast TMPR on the gun or bow.
    AELE (4 times a day) - Aust and all allies receive only half damage from elemental attacks for a short period of time (or untill the end of a battle, whichever is longer). Aust must choose which element to be protected from. Multiple AELE spells can be used to protect Aust and allies from multiple elemental attacks, but they can not be stacked to have a greater affect (IE: 2 fire AELE spells don't protect Aust and allies from 75% of all fire attacks, nor does it protect Aust and allies from 100% of all fire attacks. The second fire AELE spell is just a waist of a good AELE spell).
    HOLD (4 times a day) - If Aust makes eye-to-eye contact with an enemy and casts HOLD, both Aust and the enemy can not move. The only way for the spell to be broken is if something passes in front of both Aust's and the enemy's line of sight or if Aust blinks (which is the only thing Aust can do). If the spell is broken by Aust blinking, the enemy remains imobile for a couple of seconds.
    PURE (3 times a day) - Cures one ally of any and all poison that is in or has hurt or has affected the ally. For a short period of time (or untill the end of a battle, whichever is longer), the purified ally has an imunity to all poisons that were purified.
    CONF (3 times a day) - Enemies attack each other as well as Aust and his allies.
    WARP (2 times a day) - Warps Aust and allies to a place they've all been before. Entire group must remember at least one thing from where they're teleporting to that is still there.
    LIFE (once a day) - Brings life to someone who has died. Those who are revived do not come back to life with full health, but all wounds are healed and all ailments are removed. LIFE must be used on those who have been dead for no more than 24 hours.
    HEAL (once a day) - Restores all allies to full health.
    INVS (once a day) - Aust can turn invisible and stays invisible as long as he wants. Anything the Aust wears or holds when the spell is performed also turn invisible. Once Aust decides to become visible again, everything that had been invisible is now visible.
    STUN (depends) - This spell works differently then Aust's other spells. You can have up to 10 STUN spells, but any number of them can be cast at once. Aust must be able to make physical contact with the target, but the affects happen imediately. If Aust is in contact with multiple targets, he can choose to cast STUN on as many of them as he chooses, but the spell is seperated between them, although he can also choose how much each target is affected (read on to better understand). STUN is a powerful sleep spell. 1 STUN spell causes tiny creatures to fall into a permanent slumber(such as bugs and pixies), small creatures to sleep for 1 day (such as dogs and gnomes), medium creatures to sleep for 1 hour (such as humans and bears), large creatures and magically potent medium creatures to sleep for 10 minutes (such as angels, elephants, and trolls), and has no affect on enormous creatures and gods and demigods (such as giants and Jesus). Creatures who are protected from sleep spells or who don't sleep only sleep for half as long. For example, lets say an elf, an ent, and a gnome are all in contact with Aust and he has 9 STUN spells stored. He can cast 1 STUN on the gnome, who will sleep for 1 day, 2 STUN on the elf, who will sleep for 1 hour because elves don't sleep (or at least the ones in D&D don't), and 6 STUN on the ent, who will also sleep for 1 hour. While a stunned creature is sleeping, he or she or it can't be woken untill the spell has ended. The creature may or may not actually want to wake up after the spell has worn off, and may choose to continue sleeping. Creatures can die while they are sleeping.

    Hair- white while black at the ends and a bit longer than shoulder length
    Eyes- Green
    Nationality- Caucasian
    - His jacket is a lot like Leon Belmont's from Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (CLICK and CLICK ), except that there is no collar, it doesn't cover the upper back or back of the neck, it has two buckles in the front, and it fades from black to white from top to bottom.
    - His pants fade from black to white just like the jacket, and at the bottom there's red triangles just like on the white mage robe in Final Fantasy I.
    - Steel anima that covers front and back but doesn't cover chest or upper back.
    - Spiked steel spaulder on the left shoulder tha also covers the heart.
    - Spiked steel gauntlet on the right hand that goes up to the elbow.
    - Red tribal style tatoos on the right shoulder and left forearm outlined in black.
    - Either boots or sandals.
    - Soul and Solar in sheaths crisscrossed on the back between where the wings come out.
    - Silver crown. (like the one that Elrond wears in Lord of the Rings)

    Personality - Aust is neither good nor evil, nor is he lawful or chaotic. He acts naturally, without prejudice or compulsion.

    Background- Aust was born with black magic but was raised in a holy temple. He developed his natural arcane abilities while he studied divine magic. After he was strong enough, he left the temple in search of Soul and Solar. He found them, each on opposite ends of the planet, and also found the silver crown. He now guards these items and uses them when he is needed, or he feels he is needed, to fight.
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