Struggle With Me...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    And I cry "Oh God save me" to silent air,
    "I know you're out there, but where?"
    Because sometimes it gets so hard, inside my skull,
    This world holds me down and injects me full...

    Lust, pride, greed, eat it all up because it tastes so good,
    Working for the Prince of Air, like they say I should,
    You heal my wounds but I chew the stitches,
    Until it's my soul is infected, maggot ridden it twitches...

    I need you now, more than ever before,
    It is You, the One, that I most adore,
    Help me write it all down before it slips my mind,
    And the Son of Morning gets me back to the daily grind...

    I know I'll fall, I know I'll hit the ground hard,
    My soul is always cut, it's always scarred,
    But I gotta get back up, get up out of this anger,
    Because when I look at You, I see a stranger...

    Who are you? Who is this that makes me feel like this?
    There's something to Him, something that I miss,
    Rake my skull against rusted blade,
    When was the last time I prayed?

    Hit your knees quick and hit them hard,
    Down into ashes and earth so charred,
    Because on my knees is where I can stand stronger,
    I know it's hopeless, but this time I'll last longer...

    God, struggle with me, even when I go blind,
    Use the pain, the hurt, if it will help remind,
    Me of who You are and what You've done,
    Please, I'm begging, don't let this be a rerun...

    I need it, I need it now,
    And I don't really care how,
    Oh there's something moving, in the air,
    Crawls up my spine and it stays there...

    My head is swaying, I don't even know where I am,
    But I can see it so clear, a spotless, beautiful lamb,
    A lion at my side, now spill my guts and smell a war,
    Soon I'll be on the doorsteps of Hell to settle a score...

    Not alone, never alone, legions of angels at my back,
    He knows them all by name, there will be an attack,
    The gate swings wide and now begins the brawl,
    Struggle with me! Struggle with me! Until I fall...