Strider's Sword Scabbard Review

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    Fans began asking for this scabbard almost the instant United released The Ranger Sword. Strider's Sword Scabbard features a 39-9/16" Scabbard with solid metal collar and tip with an antiqued metal finish, genuine leather wrap and straps. Brass finished fittings and buckles. Also included is a companion knife. A sheath for the companion knife is built into the scabbard.

    The inner core of the scabbard is made of wood two piece construction hollowed out to fit the blade. It has a very ornate drag that matches the hilt of the Ranger Sword very nicely. Same color tones and antique finish for the drag and the throat. The throat matches the curve of the hilt on the ranger sword to a tee, almost seamless. And United got the fit right on this one. Unlike the Sting scabbard that would slide of the blade if you hung it on the plaque, this one holds one very tightly. You will have to grasp the scabbard with one hand and the hilt with the other and give a good tug extract the blade. It is a perfect fit, no metal against metal sound unless you angle the blade when taking it out it will then hit the throat and ting a bit. The upper part of the scabbards leather just above the built in sheath for the eating knife is embossed with an exquisite elven scroll design. Really sets it off, but it is slightly obscured but the handle of The Companion knife, still a very unique unexpected plus.
    The entire length of the wood cored sheath is covered in the same dark green, pigskin colored leather that the hilt on The Ranger Sword is. very tight fit not loose at all. And the seam is well done on the reverse side, tight stitching.

    The rigging for hanging the scabbard is made of 3/4 wide strips of leather which are split and then wrapped around the scabbard at about six inches spacing. The ends of the straps have a 3/4 buckle on the ends that can adapt to rigging from a belt very easily. They can be slipped apart a couple inches for additional adjustment if you wish. There is two small splits on the reverse side of the sword in the leather between the rigging that I am not quite sure what purpose they are for, but not distracting to the piece because they are on the reverse side that is seldom seen.

    The Companion knife, also referred to as a utility knife, or eating knife, is a very nice complement to this scabbard. A very nice piece all on its own. It is mirror polished with sort of a drop point blade. It features a very thin feeling solid wood handle yet comfortable. The wood handle is a shade similar to walnut and looks similar to walnut. It also features the official Lord of the Rings Logo on its blade. It is extremely sharp too!

    Over all I would have to give credit to United for creating a beautiful piece to sheath a sword of such distinction. A job well done United!!! Can't wait to to see more in the future. If they make one this well done for The Ranger Sword just think what Anduril's will be like or even Hadhafangs.

    United Specifications for The Ranger Sword Scabbard

    Scabbard Overall Length: 39-9/16"
    Scabbard Material: Solid metal collar and tip with an antiqued metal finish. Genuine leather wrap and straps. Brass finished fittings and buckles.
    Knife Overall Length: 10-1/2"
    Knife Blade Length: 6-3/8", sharpened
    Knife Blade Thickness: 1/8"
    Knife Blade Material: 420 J2 stainless steel.
    Knife Handle: Wood handgrip, stainless steel pommel, brass bolster and pommel ring.
    Includes parchment certificate of authenticity
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