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    Name: Jechtiel
    Age: 5394
    Sex: Male
    Race: Dark Elf
    Appearance: He has long dark black hair and piercing Yellow eyes. Below his left eye he bares a scar, but other than that his features are very fair. He dresses in black gowns and wears a black cloak with the hood normally drawn.
    Personality: He is a very secretive person, never revealing what he is thinking. He is a very loyal person to those he befriends.
    Background: He was separated from his family when he was a teenager but he never set off to find them. He learned how to survive on his own and travelled around learning skills from various people. He has fought in many wars, choosing which side suits him best. The only thing from his past that he has is his father's sword. He is a keen fighter having studied the technique for a very long time.
    Weapons: Elven Sword
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